We pride ourselves on our extensive range of outdoor lighting and continuously aim to provide our customers with the best in lighting technology by sourcing all products from trusted, established manufacturers. With one of Perth’s largest lighting displays, you are spoiled for choice; whether you want indoor down lighting or outdoor spotlights, we have what you need. At Sonya Lighting, we work closely with designers, builders, architects, property developers, business owners, and homeowners to provide cost effective lighting solutions for all types of projects, from home renovations and new home lighting to major commercial developments. Browse through our online store or visit our warehouse for a great selection of outdoor lights.

Whether you want to accentuate your home’s architecture or your beautifully landscaped garden, it is imperative that you know exactly what effect you wish to achieve. If you combine too many types of lighting, the atmosphere outside your home may appear to be more confusing than appealing. We have a variety of bright security lights that will keep unwanted visitors away, a selection of garden lights to light pathways or shrubbery, and a range of patio and decking lights for you to enjoy your outdoor area.


At Sonya Lighting, our range of outdoor floodlights will allow you to explore your creative side, while still fulfilling its intended purpose. Floodlights are ideal to install as a security measure; with motion-sensor capabilities, your lights will prevent any trespassers from entering your property. Outdoor floodlights can also be used to enhance your home’s beauty. We have LED floodlights that are energy efficient and long lasting, which can illuminate your home’s features throughout the night without a massive cost.


Installing wall lights on your home’s façade will benefit you in terms of functionality as well as style. These kinds of lights are ideal to place outside your doorway to create a welcoming affect when guests arrive, or a warm goodbye when they leave. Wall lights are recommended as an accent light to highlight various features of your walls or parts around your home. Made of appealing materials, wall lights are also durable enough to withstand the harsh Australian weather.


Garden lights are there to highlight your beautifully manicured lawn, shrubbery and flora. You can be as creative as you wish with garden lighting because each light is mobile and can be moved to various parts of your garden at any time. Our landscape lights are versatile and durable; you can direct the illumination where you please, and the entire fitting is manufactured from tough materials to endure extreme heat and heavy moisture. These garden lights are ideal for people who enjoy change and have a creative flair.


For a modern look in your backyard, why not install attractive deck lighting. Your outdoor area does not have to be lacklustre, bring it to life by making your deck an attractive and functional feature. Besides style, deck lights are also a great safety feature as it makes your family and visitors aware of the boundaries and furniture. We have a collection of deck lights available in various fittings such as ground lights or short-stand lights. You do not have to install lights directly on your deck to show it off; for a distinct look, install modern deck lights on surrounding features such as railings or against slating.


Enjoy your private outdoor area by transforming your patio into a haven of solitude, a gaming area, or even an alfresco kitchen. Warm summer nights are incomplete without effective lighting, and patio lights will allow you to entertain your guests throughout the night. Whether you opt for traditional wall lights, well-placed pendent lights or modern railing lights, we have the perfect lighting solution for you.

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